Ac components Import Data of Vietnam - Vietnam Ac components imports data 2021

Complete Detailed Competitor Analysis through our latest Ac components Import Data of Vietnam 2021. Find detailed Vietnam Import Data statistics consisting of the name of Ac components device importer in Vietnam with Date, HS code, Product Details, quantity, Unit, Total Value in USD, Country, port Loading & unloading, buyer and more shipping information details below.

DateHS CodeProduct DetailsQuantityUnitTotal Value (USD)PortBuyer
1/9/202185366929Computer components: System Accessories sockets for plugging 1-2, NEW 100%11500PCE230CONT SPITC PORTCôNG TY TNHH DịCH Vụ THươNG MạI XUấT NHậP KHẩU ĐạI HảI DươNG
1/9/202185366929Computer components: System Accessories jack sockets Cat5, Cat6, NEW 100%200PCE4CONT SPITC PORTCôNG TY TNHH DịCH Vụ THươNG MạI XUấT NHậP KHẩU ĐạI HảI DươNG
1/25/202190279091Diluted sample station of the automated immunoassay XPI IMMULITE 2000; SMN: 11154186 (As components and accessories for replacement, repair and maintenance for machine xn).1PCE785.39HO CHI MINHCôNG TY TNHH THươNG MạI - DịCH Vụ Kỹ THUậT LụC TỉNH
1/28/202158079090001 / HT-UN / 2021-008 # & LABEL ACCESSORIES CLOTH (label printing, label size, label components)13021PCE13.02TIEN SA PORT D NANGTổNG CôNG TY Cổ PHầN DệT MAY HòA THọ
1/19/202138140000CXL # & Solvents handle VNP-UV-8N (Components: Methyl ethyl ketone, Methyl Cyclohexane, Ethyl Acetate, used in shoe manufacturing outsourcing)360KGM1152WAREHOUSE GIAY VENUS VIETNAM CO LIMITEDCông Ty TNHH Giầy Venus Việt Nam
1/29/202139039099P100D009000 # & Grain caught tarballs ASA Luran (Acrylonitrile-butadine-buthlacrylate-styrene) S778T-71200 Black (Raw materials for manufacturing of plastic injection components)4000KGM20157.90124CAT LAI PORT HCMCông ty TNHH FC Việt Nam
1/28/202139061090Mold Acryl Powder chemicals; in components: (C5H8O2) n; used in laboratories; 2.5kg / box. New 100%4UNK670.002175JMT VN CO LIMITEDCông Ty TNHH Jmt Vn
1/27/202138140000NL13 # & Solvents kinds (P807W V1) (10-15% Butyl Acetate-CAS: 123-86-4, Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether 0-15% Acetate-CAS: 108-65-6,60-70% Water -CAS: UV Curable Components 7732-18-5,4-8%);945KGM3468.15GIAY CHING LUH VIETNAM WAREHOUSECông Ty TNHH Giầy CHING LUH Việt Nam
1/20/202184143090Compressors without compressed air (Components SX Refrigerator) (1 set includes: 1 compressor, 1 protective case, 4 screws, 4 screws, 1 office building compressors, one accumulates power, one relay startup) - COMPRESSOR WITH ACCESSORIES VMH1111Y, new 100%4104SET101574CAT LAI PORT HCMCôNG TY TNHH ĐIệN MáY AQUA VIệT NAM
1/28/202132082090Mold Acryl Liquid chemicals used in the laboratory; in components: C5H8O2; C6H10O3; 1 liter / bottle. New 100%7UNA593.865564JMT VN CO LIMITEDCông Ty TNHH Jmt Vn

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