Ac control Import Data of Vietnam - Vietnam Ac control imports data 2021

Complete Detailed Competitor Analysis through our latest Ac control Import Data of Vietnam 2021. Find detailed Vietnam Import Data statistics consisting of the name of Ac control device importer in Vietnam with Date, HS code, Product Details, quantity, Unit, Total Value in USD, Country, port Loading & unloading, buyer and more shipping information details below.

DateHS CodeProduct DetailsQuantityUnitTotal Value (USD)PortBuyer
1/25/202184254910LINCE70: Structure opens the door automatically, details include: bp gear steel, wires & electric motor versatile AC et al 250W, controller electronically, e / a 220, the carrier Erreka, new 100%5PCE1132.633809HA NOICôNG TY TNHH ứNG DụNG CôNG NGHệ NAM THáI
1/27/202184812090AR20-02B-A pressure control valve steel used in pneumatic actuator, a New 100%2PCE64.389819ASENTEC VIET NAM CO LIMITEDCôNG TY TNHH ASENTEC VIệT NAM
1/26/202185437090REV_SND1SEN011829-NR # & Sensors for measuring electrical current AC / DC used in the storage of electricity and motor controllers (voltage 12-15VDC, current 100A)600PCE1692HO CHI MINHCông Ty TNHH Jabil Việt Nam
1/18/202185371019Control for programming the water level measuring device according to the principles of ultrasound (7ML5830-2AH). New 100%, Siemens produced.2PCE103.68HA NOICôNG TY TNHH SIEMENS
1/22/202184812090Off valve actuator used in hydraulic oil with control signals NG6 747 308 shares of 19.44mm diameter ingot casting machine used in new bottle 100% PLASTIC.Hang2PCE689.68HA NOICông ty TNHH nước giải khát và thực phẩm SUNTORY Việt Nam
1/29/202184522900MC-SEWING # & Industrial sewing machines, model LBH-1790ANS capacity of 250VA / 220V, brand JUKI, (including locomotives, control box, table, table legs and the standard accessories), new 100%4SET17600SOUTH HAI DINH VUCôNG TY TNHH MAPLE
1/14/202185185090Mobile PA speaker, Brand: JBA, Model: J-506, A-6C, SK-9215A, T-6A, A-18B, SK-8612, J-505B, electric: AC110-220V / 50Hz, capacity : 29W, has included: wireless 2micro, 1sac, 1, Article control, a new 100%28PCE896CUAKHAU 1088 1089 LSCôNG TY TNHH THươNG MạI ĐạT PHáT LS
1/22/202185118020HCI517: electronic control unit (ECU & Bracket) ignition system: 39116-03047, used to assemble cars Hyundai Accent tourism, new 100% (HS chapter 98: 98492980)420PCE21676.2LACH HUYEN PORT HPCôNG TY Cổ PHầN SảN XUấT ô Tô HYUNDAI THàNH CôNG VIệT NAM
1/4/202184811019AR435-04G pressure control valve used in pneumatic actuator, iron / steel, 2.1 cm diameter new .New 100%20PCE892.267523HO CHI MINHCôNG TY TNHH SMC CORPORATION (VIệT NAM)
1/24/202185185090Mobile PA speaker, Brand: JBA, model: SK-8615A, A-18B, A-09, CH15-58 electric: AC110-220V / 50Hz, power: 29W, has included: wireless 2micro, 1sac, 1, Article control, a new 100%22PCE704CUAKHAU 1088 1089 LSCôNG TY TNHH THươNG MạI ĐạT PHáT LS

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