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Vietnam Export Data suggests that Vietnam's total exports were around 413.29 Billion US Dollars in 2021. There were approximately 44 Million Units of shipments made in 2021 as per the Vietnam Export Shipment Data Record. Vietnam was ranked 18th on the list of top exporters in the world.

The main exports of Vietnam in 2021 were Telephones, Transmission parts, Machinery and Footwear mostly exported to the United States of America, China, Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan.

As per our Vietnam exports 2022 statistics, Vietnam made 20.44 Billion US Dollars in exports in March 2022. Experts suggest that Vietnam's exports might reach 535 Billion US Dollars by 2030. China is facing stiff competition from Vietnam. Vietnam offers better cost, quality, and workforce.

Vietnam's economy is expected to reach 9% by 2025. For investors, Vietnam is a very profitable market. You can cut your production cost by importing quality raw materials from Vietnam’s Market. Vietnam exporters database can help you find genuine retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and exporters in Vietnam.

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vietnam export statistics

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We provide free sample data of Vietnam Imports to our users for better market analysis. Our Sample Vietnam Import Data Includes-

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  • Country of Origin/Destination
  • Port of Loading

Vietnam Import Data Sample

Field Name Detail
Date 1/26/2021
HS Code 85182990
Product Detail SP11728 SP11728-Speaker Speaker # & P27-768762 (Car Speaker) # & VN
Qauntity 1188
Qty. Unit PR
Value($) 9480.12
Country of Destination Russia
Buyer ***********

Vietnam Major Exports Products

Vietnam Top Products Imports

As per Vietnam Export Statistics, Vietnam’s top 10 product exports in 2021 were Telephones (34.71 Billion US Dollars), Transmission parts (32.63 Billion US Dollars), Electronic ICs (13.53 Billion US Dollars), Iron & Steel (8.74 Billion US Dollars), Other transmission apparatus (7.65 Billion US Dollars), Nuclear Reactors (6.17 Billion US Dollars), Footwear with outer soles of leather, rubber, plastics (4.61 US Dollars), Sports Footwear (4.59 Billion Dollars), LED & Backlight (4.18 Billion US Dollars), and Photovoltaic Cells (3.99 Billion US Dollars).

You can get simplified view of Vietnam top export products by HS Code, Total Export Value, and Total Export Share through the pie chart and table given below:

HS Code Production Description Export Value%
85171200 Telephones 8.4%
85177021 Transmission Parts 7.9%
85423100 Processors, Controllers 3.28%
72072029 Raw Iron & Steel 2.12%
85176259 Receptors 1.85%
84733010 Nuclear Receptors 1.5%
64041900 Footwear 1.12%
64041190 Sports Footwear 1.11%
85299091 LED, backlight, modules 1.01%
85414022 Photovoltaic Cells 0.97%
main exports of vietnam

Vietnam's Top Trading Partners

Vietnam's Largest Export Trading Partners

Export Shipment Data of Vietnam suggests that Vietnam’s Top 10 Trading Partners in 2021 were the United States (97.04 Billion US Dollars), China (64.20 Billion US Dollars), South Korea (22.60 Billion US Dollars), Japan (21.30 Billion Dollars), Hong Kong (12.65 Billion Dollars), Netherlands (7.78 Billion US Dollars), Germany (7.43 Billion US Dollars), India (6.30 Billion US Dollars), Thailand (6.16 Billion US Dollars) and Cambodia (6.12 Billion US Dollars).

You can get simplified view of Vietnam's Largest Trading Partners for Exports with Total Export Value and Total Export Share through the pie chart and table given below:

vietnam export trading partners
Country Export Value (in USD) Share of Total Exports(%)
United States $97.40B 23.57%
China $64.20B 15.54%
South Korea $22.60B 5.47%
Japan $21.30B 5.15%
Hong Kong $12.65B 3.06%
Netherlands $7.79B 1.88%
Germany $7.43B 1.80%
India $6.30B 1.53%
Thailand $6.16B 1.49%
Cambodia $6.12B 1.48%

Vietnam Port Volume Data

Vietnam Port List

Vietnam has an improved supply chain structure to carry out large scale imports. Hanoi, Cat Lai and Ho Chi Minh ports are the major sea ports of Vietnam responsible for around 117.15 Billion US Dollars exports with a share of 28.34%. Below we have shared the top 10 Vietnam Port List of 2021 as per our Vietnam Port Volume Data for Exports.

Port of Unloading Export Value (in USD) Share of Total Exports(%)
Hanoi Port $58.24B 14.09%
Cat Lai Port (HCM) $35.81B 8.66%
Ho Chi Minh Port $21.60B 5.23%
Cang Cat Lai Port $18.64B 4.51%
Port Tan Vu HP $12.06B 2.92%
Lach Huyen Port $10.53B 2.55%
Lang Son Port $10.40B 2.51%
Hoang Dieu HP $9.25B 2.24%
VIP Green Port $8.76B 2.12%
C Cai Mep TCIT VT $8.24B 1.99%

Vietnam Top Exporter Companies

Vietnam Exporters List

According to Vietnam Suppliers Data, Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen Co Ltd, MS Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co Ltd and Samsung Display Vietnam Co Ltd were the top Vietnam export companies in 2021 with a total share of 14.81% exports. Here we have presented the Top Vietnam exporters list based on our latest Vietnam export customs data.

Exporter Companies Export Value (in USD) Share of Total Exports(%)
Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen Co Ltd $27.22B 6.59%
MS Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co Ltd $19.37B 4.69%
Samsung Display Vietnam Co Ltd $14.57B 3.53%
Intel Products Vietnam Company Limited $12.94B 3.13%
Natsteelvina Company Limited $7.98B 1.93%
Company Limited Lg Display Vietnam Hai Phong $6.04B 1.46%
Hanyang Digitech Vina Co Ltd $5.84B 1.41%
Samsung HCMC Electric Co Ltd CE Complex $5.29B 1.29%
LG Electronics Vietnam Hai Phong Co Ltd $3.55B 0.86%
Goertek Vina Technical Science Co Ltd $2.94B 0.71%

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Frequently Ask Questions ?

Vietnam’s top 3 product exports are Telephones, Transmission Apparatus, Processors and Controllers.

Vietnam mostly exports to the United States of America, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Electrical Equipment, Raw Cotton, Fruits, Rubber and Footwear are the main products that Vietnam exports to China.

Electrical Equipment, Machinery, Copper, Chemicals, Coffee, Tea and Spices are the main products that Vietnam exports to India.

A Vietnam Export Customs Data can help you analyze Vietnam’s market demand, risks, monitor competition and find potential leads for your business.

Exim Trade Data provides accurate Vietnam export statistics that you can utilize to plan an impactful marketing strategy.