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Vietnam Trade Data

Vietnam Market Intelligence Platform

Vietnam Trade Data is a market research company helping business make more informed decisions through data. Vietnam Market Intelligence Platform is a platform providing import export database based on the global bills of lading, invoices, transactions, port shipment activities, and customs data.

DBG Vietnam is the top agency positioning itself as a bridge to connect businesses between different countries. Through Vietnam Market Intelligence Platform, DBG Vietnam is proud to be an Exclusive Agent of Vietnam Trade Data in South East Asia.

We understand the pivotal role that accurate and up-to-date trade data plays in driving strategic decisions and maximizing business opportunities. With our extensive database, you get access to valuable information on imports, exports, market insights, competitor analysis and more to make right decision at right time.

Our data mitigates the financial risks involved in the business by listing the genuine buyers and suppliers from Vietnam. These could be your potential clients. Our Data is based on the information collected from the most trusted sources in Vietnam. By acquiring a right knowledge of what is happening in the market, you can achieve your business goals.


Vietnam Export Import Analysis 2021

Vietnam Imports

  • Vietnam is the 18th largest global importer.
  • Vietnam’s Import Value was 408 Billion US Dollars in 2021.

Vietnam Exports

  • Vietnam is the 16th largest global exporter.
  • Vietnam’s Export Value was around 413 Billion US Dollars in 2021.

Vietnam Major Industries

  • Vietnam’s top 3 imports are Machinery, Electronic products and Phones.
  • Vietnam’s top 3 exports are Fabrics, Footwear, & Electronic products.

Vietnam’s top trading partners

  • China, South Korea and Japan are Vietnam's top 3 trading partners in terms of imports.
  • The US, China and South Korea are Vietnam's top 3 trading partners in terms of exports.

Vietnam Major Ports

  • Hanoi, Cat Lai, Ho Chi Minh and HaiPhong are the major sea ports of Vietnam.
  • The Port of Hanoi was responsible for the maximum imports and exports in 2021 (94.04 Billion USD).

Vietnam Top Companies

  • Samsung Electronics Vietnam was the top importer & exporter company of Vietnam in 2021.
  • Intel Products Vietnam was the second largest buyer and supplier company of Vietnam in 2021.

Why Choose Vietnam Trade Data Platform?


Accurate Analytics & Forecasting

We provide accurate analytics and forecasts of the Vietnam Trade Market that reduces financial risk.


Vietnam Port Data

Monitor the port shipments with Vietnam Port data. It helps you in assessing supply Chain structure in Vietnam.


Competitor Analysis

Track and monitor the shipments of your competitors from our global companies list and plan a better strategy.


Customized Reports

Get monthly, quarterly & year wise data to get a wider view of Vietnam’s market trends and demands.


Free Sample Data

We provide free sample data for our users. You can perform a free Vietnam Data search at our website.


Lead Generation

Our Vietnam Companies Database helps you in finding genuine buyers & suppliers from Vietnam that could be your clients.

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