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Vietnam Import Data suggests that Vietnam's net imports were around 408.33 Billion US Dollars in 2021. There were approximately 49 Million Units of shipments made in 2021 as per the Vietnam Import Shipment Data Record. Vietnam was ranked 16th on the list of top importers in the world.

The main imports of Vietnam were Electrical, Electronic Equipment, Batteries, Natural Gas, LED, and Raw Cashew Nuts. Vietnam imports by country show that China, South Korea, Japan, the United States of America, and Taiwan contributed to the maximum number of Vietnam imports.

As per our Vietnam Imports 2022 Statistics , Vietnam made 18.63 Billion US Dollars in imports in April 2022. In the future, these figures might increase. Vietnam is an emerging economy. It is growing at the rate of 6% every year.

Vietnam depends largely on imports to maintain its economy and meet the demands of the domestic market. Vietnam shares an important link for trade between South Asian Countries. It’s a very profitable market for your product exports.

If you are looking to expand your business in Vietnam, then you can utilize Vietnam Import Customs Data to find genuine importers in Vietnam. Accurate Vietnam Import Data statistics can assist you in Vietnam’s Market Research.

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vietnam import statistics

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We provide free sample data of Vietnam Imports to our users for better market analysis. Our Sample Vietnam Import Data Includes-

  • Date of Shipment
  • Product HS Code
  • Product Details
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • Price
  • Importer Name
  • Country of Origin/Destination
  • Port of Loading

Vietnam Import Data Sample

Field Name Detail
Date 1/16/2021
HS Code 90268020
Product Detail Device measures the amount of adhesive coated surface of the paper 002 057, not electrically operated plant used in paper production - 100%
Qauntity 20
Qty. Unit PCE
Value($) 12882.928317
Country of Orgin Austria
Buyer ***********

Vietnam Major Imports Products

Vietnam Top Products Imports

As per Vietnam Import Statistics, Vietnam’s top 10 product imports in 2021 were Transmission parts,portable receivers (26.86 Billion US Dollars), Electronic Integrated Circuits (23.63 Billion US Dollars),Processors & Controllers (18.64 Billion US Dollars), Unused postage, revenue stamps (7.75 Billion US Dollars), Memories (5.09 Billion US Dollars), Cashew Nut (4.53 Billion US Dollars), Lithium-ion accumulators (4.27 Billion US Dollars), Natural Gas (4.05 Billion US Dollars), LED & Backlight (4 Billion US Dollars) and Plastics (3.82 Billion US Dollars)..

You can get a simplified view of Vietnam top import products by HS Code, Total Import Value, and Total Import Share through the pie chart and table given below:

HS Code Production Code Value%
85177021 Transmission Parts 6.58%
85423900 Electronic ICs 5.79%
85423100 Processors & Controllers 4.57%
49070010 Unused Postage, Stamps 1.9%
85423200 Memories 1.25%
08013100 Raw Cashew Nut 1.07%
85076090 Lithium Ion Batteries 1.05%
27090010 Natural gas 0.99%
85299091 LED, backlight, modules 0.98%
39269099 Plastics & Articles 0.94%
main imports of vietnam

Vietnam's Top Trading Partners

Vietnam's Largest Import Trading Partners

Import Shipment Data of Vietnam suggests that Vietnam’s Top 10 Trading Partners in 2021 were China (110.27 Billion US Dollars), South Korea (61.86 Billion US Dollars), Japan (25.63 Billion US Dollars), The United States of America (21.21 Billion US Dollars), Taiwan (20.74 Billion US Dollars), Thailand (12.53 Billion US Dollars), Malaysia (8.99 Billion US Dollars), Singapore (7.92 Billion US Dollars), Indonesia (7.65 Billion US Dollars) and Australia (7.35 Billion US Dollars).

You can get a simplified view of Vietnam's Biggest Trading Partners for Imports with Total Import Value and Total Import Share through the pie chart and table given below:

vietnam import trading partners
Country Import Value (in USD) Share of Total Imports(%)
China $110.27B 27.01%
South Korea $61.86B 15.5%
Japan $25.63B 6.28%
United States $21.21B 5.19%
Taiwan $20.74B 5.08%
Thailand $12.53B 3.07%
Malaysia $8.99B 2.2%
Singapore $7.92B 1.94%
Indonesia $7.65B 1.88%
Australia $7.35B 1.80%

Vietnam Port Volume Data

Vietnam Port List

Vietnam is a crucial link between Asian nations for global trading. Vietnam has more than 40 sea ports with a total capacity of carrying 450-500 million tons of cargo volume every year. Cat Lai Port is the biggest sea port of Vietnam. Hanoi and Cat Lai port are the major sea ports of Vietnam responsible for around 22.73 Billion US Dollars imports with a share of 92.79%. Below we have shared the top 10 Vietnam Port List of 2021 as per our Vietnam Port Volume Data for Imports.

Port of Unloading Import Value (in USD) Share of total imports(%)
Hanoi $60.39B 14.79%
Cat Lai Port (HCM) $32.40B 7.94%
Ho Chi Minh $26.45B 6.48%
Cang Cat Lai (HCM) $23.03B 5.64%
Lang Son Port $11.67B 2.86%
Port Tan Vu HP $11.26B 2.76%
Dinh Vu Port $8.20B 2.01%
Quang Ninh Port $6.90B 1.69%
VIP Green Port $6.03B 1.48%
South Hai Dinh Vu $5.24B 1.28%

Vietnam Top Import Companies

Vietnam Importer List

As per Vietnam Buyers Data, Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen Co Ltd, Samsung Display Vietnam Co Ltd, and MS Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co Ltd were the top Vietnam import companies in 2021 with a total share of 11.69% exports. Here we have presented the top Vietnam importers list based on our latest Vietnam import customs data.

Top Buyers Import Value (in USD) Share of total Imports(%)
Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen Co Ltd $18.70B 4.58%
Samsung Display Vietnam Co Ltd $14.63B 3.58%
MS Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co Ltd $14.40B 3.53%
Intel Products Vietnam Company Limited $12.82B 3.14%
Hanyang Digitech Vina Co Ltd $6.55B 1.61%
Company Limited Lg Display Vietnam Hai Phong $5.60B 1.37%
Samsung HCMC Electric Co Ltd CE Complex $4.55B 1.12%
Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Co Ltd $3.99B 0.98%
LG Electronics Vietnam Hai Phong Co Ltd $2.80B 0.69%
Hung Nghiep Iron And Steel Company Ltd Formosa Hà Tĩnh $2.69B 0.66%

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Frequently Ask Questions ?

Vietnam’s top 3 product imports are Transmission Parts, Electronic Integrated Circuits, Processors and Controllers.

Vietnam mostly imports from China, South Korea, Japan, and the United States of America.

Machinery, Plastics, Fabrics, Iron, Steel and Medical Apparatus are the main products that Vietnam imports from China.

Medicines, Cotton, Meat, Fish, Plastics, Iron and Steel are the main products that Vietnam imports from China.

A Vietnam Import Customs Data can help you identify Vietnam’s market trends, demand tracks,competition, risks, and discover potential leads for your business.

Exim Trade Data provides accurate Vietnam import Statistics that you can utilize to plan an impactful marketing strategy.